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tv   [untitled]    December 13, 2013 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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close for business of course the mainstream media is doing a wall to wall coverage on nothing but the shut down. united states government shut down on that as the subject of this evening's talking points memo the two sides are digging in it is day number two of the government shutdown and the day begins with few answers as to how to break the logjam can honestly say that only the republicans are being sensible in all of this and only that and all the democrats are not being sensible really alice yes it's everyone's favorite game show the capitol hill blame game well first the clock was counting down to the shutdown and now the clock is counting up tell them what the american people won johnny actually nobody wins here in fact federal employees are the biggest losers of all as congress continues to twiddle their thumbs while still getting paid eight hundred thousand other government always won't be but will the corporate media is putting all this effort to treating this like a new year's countdown let's take a look at what they haven't been covering starting
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a new york where israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has turned to speak at the u.n. g.a. and after just a few syllables the focus of his speech was clear iran and the demonization of its new president. rouhani doesn't sound like a million new jobs but when it comes to iran's nuclear weapons program the only difference between them is this actually doing the job was a wolf in wolf's clothing will honey is a wolf in sheep's clothing a wolf who thinks you can pull the wool over the eyes. of the international community oh a wolf in sheep's clothing i'm shaking in my heels baby you're the man don't be fooled by this new leaders peace offering remember we've been warned before. there's an old saying in tennessee i know it's in texas probably in tennessee this is fool me once. shame on. shame on you.
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it can't get fooled again you fool the world once oh you think you can feel good again. well ahead of the baby he didn't get that phrase generally right and he is one of the best when it comes to instilling fear in fact his central theme was talking about how you ronnie and missiles will be reaching u.s. shores in a matter of years and how secretive iran's nuclear program is of course once again distracting the entire world from the one country that does have a secretive nuclear program and has never officially admitted to its existence yes you guessed it israel and while netanyahu ensures that we don't give peace a chance let's move on to my home state of california a state that has taken on the n.b.a. most notably section ten twenty one of the bill that allows for the indefinite detention of anyone without charges or trial and remember the government can simply cite national security reasons for locking you want to sell and throwing away the
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key but thankfully governor jerry brown in the california legislature are doing something that protect california citizens brown just signed a bill affectively blocking state cooperation with the federal government's attempts to indefinitely detain california so cudos to at least one functioning government body that seems to remotely care about its citizenry i just hope the congressional clowns on capitol hill wrap up their dog and pony show before i run out of material. negotiations for the transpacific partnership where the t.p. p. have been conducted in total secrecy over the last three years now in case you don't know the t p p is an unprecedented series of negotiations not led by world leaders but by multinational corporations the negotiations are in their final stages right now but they're still very little public awareness about the entire
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issue of this massive trade bill unfortunately there's also another problem on our hands president obama's counting on a fast track to the tepee that would rush it through without lawmakers having. a chance to review the content so here to talk about the latest and the dangers that poses i'm joined by murder lars organizer of the popular resistance org thank you so much for having me so the t.p. is labeled as a free trade agreement but i've heard from many people who actually have and why is what we do know about the tax and i've said that it's simply not true it's not a trade deal what is it well it's a rigged corporate agreement is what it really is i mean it has twenty nine chapters and only four or five of them are really our traditional trade issues and the others have to do with dealing with what they call non-tariff trade barriers that seems like labeling food so you know what's in it keeping the profit price of medications down there they're protecting the patents for the drug companies they keep their prices high and deregulating finance those kinds of things that corporations have wanted to get through congress but they have been able to do it
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through the front door and how many corporate advisors are we talking about this interesting thing this is being negotiated in a really different way it's sort of congress overseeing it in writing the negotiations six hundred corporate advisors you know monsanto how low burton cargo a lot of great other universes are trust the second player that they have to direct access to the tax and they can alter it while their own members of congress have very restricted access to it and they can't talk about it because it's classified if they do see it you know just begs the question like what who is really running the show you know who's really running this country here congress can't even look at these massive corporations can i mean it's the biggest trade negotiation almost in history exactly how has it been able to stand in the spotlight for so i mean i'm not even on the media at all i know that's the amazing thing is i guess you know it's through the corporations control of the media as well as you know the corporate media they've really blacked out they've kept it out this is been going on for almost four years and it's really just breaking through recently into the media. you know is there any way for the average person to see the text or do we have to rely on some sort of whistleblower to really use it for me and it would be
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great if a whistleblower would stand up and do this because this is really undermining democracy in this country and it's going to hurt all of us because it's going to affect our laws even down to the local level will have to comply with this agreement which is beginning being. in secret and the president is trying to rush it through congress so we know what we know from leaked texts and from trade meetings and reports like that but everything we've seen so far is very concerning you know i guess my next question is if obama you know if it is someone known it seems like there's still a vast majority of americans who do not even know about the t.p. if you're not on the street they would have no idea who you're talking about i guess i'm just confused why is it that obama's trying to fast track it if it seems like it's not going to be a problem for him to pass it well if it actually had the light of day shined on it if we actually had hearings in congress and looked at the impact it would have on our you know our economy on wages on food safety and health care those kinds of things it wouldn't be able to be passed so the only way he can get this through and please the corporations that are writing it is if he rushes it through congress and
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fast track means that there be no amendments and very restrictive debate on it so this almost is a preemptive measure before it even gets about point right where the interesting thing is that this is what the previous trade negotiators said was in order to get it passed they needed fast track because other countries are putting in provisions that are going to harm them and that are not popular with their countries and so they don't want to go any farther and less they know that congress is going to pass it and the only way they'll pass it really is through a fast track very undemocratic process transparent yes unbelievable with this bill affect the average american why should the average american care about that because it's so far reaching it's going to affect something that every person cares about you care about the safety of your food or whether they're it's labeled to know if moser in it those things would be restricted if you have medications that you need to buy and you care about the price of that those prices to be kept high you care about internet freedom the thing is and even by actually a big thing is buy america if you like to buy american products or buy local that would be limited so it really will require that our laws get changed even down to
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the local level and how we do things and in a way that we have no control over so it really undermines our sovereignty and when people hear that it's you know being an effort led by corporations or the corporations or. and managing this whole process can you speak really really briefly about the court system that will be unstated that's thank you for bringing that up it's called the international trade tribe you know this is a court that operates outside of our judicial system where corporations can sue countries if their laws interfere with expected profits so if you if they want to frack in an area and community bands fracking that community could be sued for that for millions of dollars so it really here and around the world what it's going to do is undermine our laws that protect the environment consumers and workers absolutely at the local municipal icebergs that are happening to you know label g m o's ban fracking and stuff like that everything privatized exactly but you know without this much needed corporate exposure from the corporate media rather how can we prevent this from moving forward where the nice thing is is that it's already
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been slowed i think because of some public pressure the president had wanted to have fast track by now and they haven't even introduced a bill more and more people are learning about this and working together and contacting their members of congress letting them know that this is not not ok to fast track it through so we can stop fast track if we get involved so everyone has to contact congress tell them no on a fast track and more importantly no on the t.p. and in general what you have to do just stop the entire bill from moving forward before writing really gets in public so they our campaign is called flush the tepee dot org people can take the pledge there and they'll get information and tools to take action the primary thing at first is to stop congress from passing fast track and then if they if they don't pass fast track and this comes to congress we have to demand full hearings we need to know the full implications of this bill on us i think otherwise it's you know that's a problem this is a value that you sort of murder people hours co-director of is our economy great thank you for having me. go ahead i got to talk to joe rogan about everything from the new show us see if you.
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look like down to your live. the ocean. ago. people are suffering the consequences. how much more poison. ground. behind this there is what we call the bank on which there is a deposit of plutonium left by security test which caused a radio nuclides despite previous cleaning efforts there remains a deposit of a little less than two kilos of plutonium stuck in the rock and the coral reef about ten metres down. a never ending legacy.
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so you know if you're confident that the irish people won't be asking and down to stab in the sand why do you play the private banks of the andy card system after hopkins present a piece in our economic and what always happens as a regulator its central bank and its politicians they say this will never ever happen again and it keeps on happening but we have to ensure is that if this goes on and they can doesn't switch let's make an almost full cost for tots.
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to. the for. a few weeks ago i had the awesome opportunity to go on the joe rogan experience with comedian joe rogan joe's podcast has revolutionized the way people look at alternative media but he's much more than a stand up comedian and a host of one of the most popular radio shows in the world he's also an accomplished martial arts expert and self-proclaimed open minded skeptic in fact he has a new show on the science my network called joe rogan questions everything well earlier today joe stopped by the r.t.e. studio in l.a. to talk to me and first asked where the idea for his groundbreaking podcast came from. their original idea came from being on the opie and anthony show the way they run their radio show is very similar to the way i do the podcast which is really it's just an interesting conversation and anthony cumia had set up something in his basement whereas the studio is on green screen and. professional cameras and
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i thought to be kind of fun to do stuff like that from my house just as a goof and we started out doing it on news stream and just a couple hundred people at first and then. benchley ported the audio to i tunes and over the course of its almost four years now it's just slowly but steadily grown to where it is today let's talk about your new show joe rogan questions everything and what you tackle commonly held conspiracy theories you go in there with a completely open mind what's the most shocking thing that you've uncovered so far well the really fascinating stuff was the real stuff the stuff like when you talk to people who are involved in biology and they start talking about the real dangers of naturally occurring pandemic viruses. that was really pretty intense stuff and then transhumanism was probably my favorite episode because i got to talk to guys they were a curse while and talked to more. scientists and people who are involved in
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actual real work as opposed to people who are claiming to see big photo claiming to see u.f.o.'s or things that may or may not might not be real so the really interesting stuff to me was the science stuff the stuff where we kind of explored the potential for humanity and our symbiotic relationship with technology that will get to a point where we can download consciousness well that's what they believe they believe that either that will happen either the possibility of downloading consciousness which also leads to the real question is how many of those can you make can you make an army of you can we have a million abbie martin's out there on an island somewhere just waiting for someone to come say hi that's possible they they don't know they have those those are questions are going to have to be answered one day as the technology arises sort of like the questions of cyber freedom you know those questions in exist and they wrote the constitution because nobody had an idea that people are going to be sending naked pictures of themselves through the e-mail that other people can just
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catch. out of thin air with a router or something you know so that with those that's was my favorite part of doing that show the idea was to go into these different topics whether it's big foot or ghosts or whatever completely open minded and just see what's up the problem is you see the same thing almost everywhere you see like really a lot of really muddy thinking and that's the real problem with a lot of these conspiracy theories and it became like super evident to me while doing the show and it turned me into a pretty hardcore skeptic i was pretty open my i'm open minded skeptic but most of the time when you look at whether it's big. that's you're looking at crazy people. most of the time we've also been a fervent proponent of the psychedelic die method of tryptamine or d.m.t. i can tell you about my positive experiences that i've had with a lot of different things in life natural psychedelic experiences like the use of an isolation tank and me personally i've gotten great benefit out of certain
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psychedelics because i think they dissolve ego and i think they offer you a view of the world that may not be possible without it they also might be the root of all religious experiences or at least most true religious experience in fact mainstream scholars in jerusalem are now trying to connect the idea of moses in the burning bush with some sort of a psychedelic experience very possibly d.m.t. itself because the fact that one of the bush is that exists in that area is the acacia bush which is rich in d.m.t. a lot of plants many many plants that contain d.m.t. in it including the human mind the human mind produces the body produces it's produced in your liver it's produced in your lungs and they've even shown recently in tests with live rats that they are actually producing pineal the pineal gland itself is actually producing dimethyl tryptamine and that is what they've always thought thought of as the third eye the pineal gland is this thing that. sits right
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in the middle of your your head and literally is your third eye and certain reptiles and actually has a retina and a lens why do you think in our society produces it we don't know it means we need to research it we need to find out there's a lot of theories about it which range from completely fantastical to you know the idea that it's just a part of normal human neurotransmitters and normal human neurochemistry and that when you take a large dose of it you just get this scrambled crazy signal that you can misinterpret for being a conversation with god you know the actual the people who believe it's an actual mystical experience believe that what it may very well be is a chemical gateway and that there is another world besides the material world that we exist in and that there is more than one way to to experience this type of
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transcendent consciousness experience and that there is no psychedelic mushrooms and dimethyl tryptamine in peo d. there's a bunch of different ways to somehow or another pass this this rigid dimension that we exist in and experience something that's close by and the detractors will tell you no you're just being delusional you're just you're hallucinating these experiences are not real that may or may not be true but my point of view has always been whether or not you are actually going to a different dimension and experiencing intense love and beauty and a complete lack of ego and an understanding of reality that wouldn't be possible without that experience whether or not it's a hallucination or not it is the exact same experience so if you are actually going to another dimension and communicating with god or whether you think you are because you're taking this psychedelic drug the experience is indistinguishable to you and even terence mckenna is work through an anthropological lens talking about
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the origin of human evolution willing. and so there's just such a vast history that's kind of taboo to talk about of course because psychedelics are legal there are very taboo sorts of dialogue in our society today and you've also said that i don't follow any organized religion joe but it seems like you're a very spiritual person and what does the concept of god mean to you well i don't you know it's a weird word it gets gets thrown about by so many different people that have so many different ideas attached to it whether it's christianity or islam or judaism or mormonism what what it means to me the just the idea it's a race all religion race all ideologies what is there oh past that people can live that is the most harmonious with nature and with each other is there a path is there a path of of love and of understanding and friendship and kindness in is there a way to reach that like universally as a group. as
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a race as the human race that path would be the path of god you know the idea of god meaning a guy in the clouds is one dude runs over everything is patriarchal figure that's most likely nonsense but what i've seen taken psychedelic drugs is so crazy that it's way crazier than the idea of a guy in the clouds with a harp the guy in the clouds or the harp is nothing compared to what you'd see on a heavy mushroom trip i think that we all know that there is a really a beneficial and a beautiful way to live life and we all know that there's an absolutely evil way to live life and it almost entirely depends on how your actions and reactions affect people around you one human family working symbiotically with each other to make the world a better place and we have to like nonsense because you can't control resources how you going to make money and how you can control the stock market you know it's very
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difficult to live this beautiful life that we live in la. and you see all these cool buildings those don't get made with sort of a hippie and that's that's part of the problem if you want to if you want to ride the high speed rail and drive a nice car well you know you're a part of this crazy gangster system but i think there's also a way to make things sustainable and the long run and i think that that's what's lacking in a lot it's kind of the short sightedness in terms of building and technology and a lot of the advances that we do have the ability to make joe let's talk about the war on drugs here we are we're talking about isolation tanks what you can facilitate peace of mind blowing experiences similar to psychedelics you know speaking of all the drugs that are legal versus illegal really shocking fifty percent of federal inmates right now are incarcerated for drug related charges yet drug abuse in the country is an all time high why has the war on drugs been such an abysmal failure. well it's first of all it's not really a war on drugs it's a war on some drugs and the drugs that are government sanctioned and they're taxing
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them those are not illegal is alcohol is available almost everywhere you look it's one of the worst drugs we have as far as the consequences of using it it's one of the most screwed up drugs available to people and it's everywhere we just sort of understand that one shot of jack daniels has this effect one beer has that effect and it's because of the fact that it's pretty strictly regulated wear and it's part of our culture and has been for a long time we've just accepted the fact that this drug is that every restaurant you go to is that every supermarket you go to is in drugstores it's everywhere i mean it's amazing i don't there's nothing wrong with alcohol don't get me wrong i'm one hundred percent down with you being able to do whatever you want to do with your body but we're incredibly inconsistent the amount of prescription drugs that are prescribed this country points to the amount of people in this country that are hooked on meth the amount of people in this country that are looked on pharmaceutical drugs these are huge huge numbers and then there's drugs like
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marijuana which literally hurt almost no one and my point of view is always been if marijuana turns your life into a loser it's because marijuana got there first like you really had issues with pot is what does it end and he could have been anything it could have been gambling cheeseburgers scratch tickets masturbation you or you might just be a crazy person i don't really believe that marijuana is a bad thing i think marijuana is a tool and it can be used like any other tool like a hammer you could build a house with it or you can hit yourself in the privates if you're crazy you do whatever you want and it doesn't mean that we should get rid of hammers and it doesn't mean we should get rid of pot either i think for a lot of people pot is incredibly beneficial it's incredibly beneficial medically it's incredibly beneficial for people's personalities and helps them relax and unwind to be a little bit more sensitive and be a little kinder to each other it makes. feel better makes food taste better it's an incredible plant it's an alien plant it's unlike any other plant that exists on this planet as far as the amount of good that you get from one thing you can make
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buildings with it the food you can make food out of it it's hemp see the hempseed has a beetle acids in it incredibly healthy for you it's high in protein i mean it's amazing the different things that marijuana is capable of joe i want to move on to your involvement in mixed martial arts in the u.s. i can't help but think back to the gladiator days at the coliseum and i mean do you think there's something and made in human nature that makes us want to watch humans beat the crap out of each other i wonder i wonder if you know the idea that one day we will be in our version of the end of the roman empire and that if that was the case wouldn't this be the rise in the most popular thing that people enjoy watching people slug it out but i think the reality is all sports are about competition it's about people trying to dominate over someone who is like them and to make it the most fair you get people down the same weight class you have them follow the same set of rules you give them
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a same equipment and the drama behind martial arts competition is something primal it's it knows no boundaries culturally it transcends everything there's certain sports that like we want to accept in america i mean popular soccer has gotten more popular it's certainly more popular than it was when i was a kid but it's still most of america does not care when the world cup is on most of america doesn't fall formula one racing good luck trying to reintroduce into this country i don't see it happening but fighting transcends cultures it doesn't matter if you're like cricket or you like soccer or if you like watching football people enjoy fights and they can understand what's happening if a ball crosses a line it only means some to do culturally but if somebody punches you in the face it means something everywhere in the world. joe rogan awesome to have you on the job. experience amazing thank you very much always good talking to abby. that's a wrap for us today but be sure to join me right back here tomorrow to breakfast
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that. i was thinking somehow i had to come back because mom was waiting for me. i just knew that everything would be fine for some reason the were so confident because we were going to get married officially after he came back how could he not come back because the mere thought of it never crossed her mind. when the militants decided to try and break through and i heard you get screaming
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grenade. go go the explosion blow them all run his back he will. and it was all over all should we know that our call on our commander was leave us no matter how tough it gets we're a team. you're getting was a senior in his military trio. he knew that if he didn't smother that grenade with his body more of just comrades would die he gave his own life to save his friends. i play a street cleaner who's in love with a waitress i go on stage managing that there's an audience i used to take drugs and drink like a fish called the police told me about the circus but i was such
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a punk i was like what circus. school or circus have clearly been suspended and we break down stereotypes about kids from disadvantaged backgrounds. what defines a country's success. faceless figures of economic growth. for a factual standard of living.
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elaine. ukraine's president says any talks on a deal with the e.u. must involve russia that's the prolonged approach european rallies are continuing to disrupt the government and the already crippled economy. the honeymoon is over. the country's allowing same sex marriages. in less than a week. we've been married and we've been on the. it's bad. relationship people in croatia vote in a referendum for good we look at setbacks for gay rights in different countries. going on the co-founder of the fall sharing website the pirate bay is reportedly being held in solitary confinement to be.

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